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Website Development Company In Banglore

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - A Swooning Career Opportunity

Often we hear and read about web development field and related things. Most of us usually feel that web development is the most daunting and scary thing and only the B.Tech or science students could do this. It requires great proficiency and years of experience in coding, programming and languages. No way! It's not our cup of tea. Well, to an extent you are right but it is no so bizarre job. In fact, it is a quite easy job and anyone can learn it. You would wonder even 10-12 kids are developing websites and earning a hell of money. If these could do then what stopping you..?

Before going into details, let’s get clear with the term web development and related things.

Web development

Web development or website development is simply a coding process .In other words, it is a process of creating and developing a website through coding for the internet.

A web development process includes

There are two divisions of website development

Front-end development (client-side development):

It is a website that a user sees while loading web application. A user sees content, design and how he can interact with it. Three codes are used - HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Back-end development (server-side development):

It is related to the back-end that is what runs behind the web application. It uses a database to generate the front-end.

Types of websites

Business websites - like allbusiness.com, Bloomberg business etc.

E-commerce websites - like Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart etc.

Personal websites - like allbusiness.com, Bloomberg business etc.

Blogging websites -Like, WordPress, Wix, Joomla etc.

Informational websites - Like Wikipedia, Wikihow etc.

Social websites -Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram etc.

Resume building and Employment websites -Naukari.com, Shine.com etc.

Classified websites -Locanto, Olx, Sulekha.com, shadi.com etc

Gaming websites -Like, Niche Gamer, TechRaptor, PC Gamer etc.

Besides, there are many other types of websites like entertainment, sports, storytelling, idea sharing websites etc.

As and when web development term is used simultaneously another term web designing also used. In general, we think both these terms are the same but it is not so.

Website designing

Where website development is creating a web page for internet using codes, web designing is about giving an appealing look to a website for the internet. Web designing includes web graphic design, layout and content for the website. The purpose of a website to attract as much as possible audiences and users to it and for that, a website must be visually appealing, user-friendly and has engaging content on it.

Website development growth in India

If you have interest, passion and skills to develop a good user-friendly website then the sky is the limit for you. As now every other business is online and everybody wants to cash the digital platform for their business. So, there is a great demand for website developers worldwide.

Most of the software developers are also doing website development. According to Evan Data Corp. In 2017, there were 2.75 million web developers in India and 3.6 million in the US and soon India will super-speed the US in the number of website development because the web developers are increasing in India with a whopping rate of 90% annually whereas in the US this growth rate is just 45%. So, we can conclude that website development is a future and there are a great number of opportunities waiting for website developers for Indian people.

What you need know to be a web developer

Eligibility- From a plain graduate to tech-savvy, any person can learn web development. It is just that you have to acquire and get expert on it.

Age limit-No age limit. Even an 8-year child to grandparent can learn web development.

Course duration-3 months to 4 years. It depends on how deep you want to get into it. The basic course is available in 3 months to 6 months. Diploma & Degree courses are available in 1 year to 4 years.

Fee-Depends on the institute and your paying capacity. Like you can learn 3 months basic course within Rs.20-30,000. The deeper you go, higher the fee will go.

From where to do-Again it is up to you. You can learn basics of web developmentfrom any institute and to learn advance details you can join any professional institute, company college or university. You can make your choice from where you wish to learn web development skills.

A career in web development

Till now, I hope it is quite clear what is website development and how we can learn it. Now, let’s find out career avenues after web development course, a position that you will be offered and how much salary one could get in it.

Job profiles or positions offered in the web development field

Salary in the web development field

India-In India, starting salary of web developers is in between Rs.2.75 to 3.5 lakh/per month. After earning a good number of years of experience in website development field you can earn up to Rs. 1 lakh/per month or even higher.

The US, Canada etc-In the same profession and on same designation one can earn $5,000/month (around Rs.3,50,000). Your earning could vary according to your experience, expertise, company to company and country to country. Besides, this you can also earn good money working from your home as a freelancer.

There is a great number of successful website developmentcompanies in India and all are doing well in terms of providing efficient services.

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Whats more

Although, India has gained a significant position and reputation in web development still there is a long way to go in terms of services, skills, client acquisition, long term relationship building, salary and future advancements etc. Web development field is still in its developing stage in India. We are exploring new horizons and newer possibilities in terms of business and expertise in the respective field. One thing that we can vouch is that India has the biggest youth population and there is no dearth of talent and willingness here. It would not be a boastful statement if we say that the future of website development and web designing belongs to India. It is the hide tide and the right time to learn website development. If you are searching for website development company in Banglore, let us help you in your business growth.