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Your ambition is your first step to the ladder of success. We at Duple would encourage Thinkers and Hard Working Professionals to channelize your learning's, experience and knowledge for spectacular outcomes.

Be it freshly minted graduates or experienced professionals, we would love you to work with us on challenging and exciting projects. In a nutshell, Duple offers the right working environment where employees, trainees and interns wholeheartedly work in-sync to ensure customer delight.

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Hear From Duple employees

"As the founder of this company, I am incredibly proud of the exceptional team we have built and the impactful work we are doing. Our team of app developers is second to none & their dedication to helping startups elevate their businesses is unmatched. I am honoured to lead such a talented and passionate team. Together, we are making a significant impact in the startup ecosystem by leveraging the power of mobile apps."

Amitoj Singh

CEO and Founder

" I am thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic and innovative team. Our company's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is truly unparalleled. Working alongside our talented app developers, I have witnessed first-hand their dedication and expertise in crafting top-notch mobile applications. Their deep knowledge of the industry and their ability to think outside the box have consistently delivered outstanding results for our clients."

Pankaj Sharma

Project Manager

"I am privileged to work with a team of highly skilled and motivated app developers and honoured to lead such an exceptional team of app developers. Their talent, commitment, and unwavering dedication to excellence continue to drive the success of our company. I am confident that with this team, we will continue to push boundaries, deliver outstanding projects, and make a lasting impact in the mobile app development industry."

Jai Thakural

Project Manager

"I am incredibly proud to lead such a talented and dedicated team. it is not just our technical expertise that makes our team outstanding; it is also our passion for creating transformative solutions. We are genuinely excited about the impact our mobile applications can have on our clients' businesses. This enthusiasm drives us to go the extra mile, investing the time and effort needed to truly understand our client's goals."

Atul Rana

Team Lead

"In my opinion, Our company is an absolute gem, and I feel extremely fortunate to be part of such an extraordinary team. From the moment I stepped foot into this remarkable company, I was blown away by the strong emphasis placed on employee well-being and professional growth. It's truly awe-inspiring, I must say. I firmly believe in investing in our employees' growth, both personally and professionally."

Kawal Sidhu

Sr. Human Resources

Interns Say their experience with Duple has changed their lives

An on-the-job experience is important for learners to improve their skills. Duple is a wonderful and informative workspace that has given me a great opportunity through industrial level training sessions. This is so much better than just online coaching and watching tutorials over the net. With real projects, exercising knowledge reaps productivity.

Ayush, Developer

Duple is a highly productive workspace for fresh and budding thinkers like me. My experience by far is extremely great and I am happy to be able to explore my potential with their support and guidance. I look forward to building an even stronger relationship with Duple and working on exciting projects.

Vikram, Designer

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We respect and value every individual at Duple.

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The credit for success we have achieved goes to our people, who think out-of-the-box. And this is why we give a lot of value to our recruitment process.