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Software Development Company

Duple IT Solutions is recognised as one of the leading Software Development Company in Northern India. Spreading its reach globally, The company has gained a powerful stance in the Software Development Industry. Composed of an expert manpower, our group of custom programming advancement will break down your requirements, followed by assessment to commence with the model key measurements of the undertaking in a streamlined manner. A pool of creators, designers and programming engineers offer precise surveys, testing and render the best quality service to achieve our clients valuable goals.

To continue our position in the league of the Top Software Development Company, our software developers are creative with solution skills. They compose of potential ability to think extraordinarily and have technical expertise to carry out innovative ideas. Embedding well-developed analytical skills is a boon in our Software Developers. They are highly capable of analyzing a situation from all angles to develop an innovative solution.

How We Start!

Duple IT Solutions commences the workflow of a Software by following the major phases involved in the commencing and completion of Software Development. We follow a 6 stage process for Software Workflow which includes the following steps:


To understand the overall requirements of the client, it is integral to conduct a detailed analysis of the software. One of the crucial steps is analysis because it ensures the necessary requirements, enabling the software to function properly.


After a complete analysis of the necessities, the second phase is the Design of the project. Building the architecture of the project is essential to offer a basic structure and display which mirrors an insight on an overall base for the Software Development.


The Development Phase is crucial for any project as it is composed of the programming of software with relevant codes. All the required components and functionalities of the software are developed within this integral stage.


Examining what we have created and rectifying any bugs or errors is a primary concern in the software development process. The Testing Stage assesses all the major and minor errors and corrections so that a bug free product is produced.


The Developed Software is assessed by the audience in this phase. The release and launch of the final product ensures completion customer satisfaction.


After the Software undergoes a complete satisfactory phase without any errors, a maintenance process is followed which ensures a constant upgrade and enhancement in the software to meet the changing requirements with time.

Hence, an entire Software Development Cycle is a process which involves several tasks such as Data Gathering, Analyzing, Design and many more.