Work Process

We build better businesses by creating joyful digital ideas, products and experiences that connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of their consumers.

Our Work Process

Our Purpose is to innovate every step involved in the transition of your idea into reality


Client Inspiration

A phase of your idea unfolding. The focus here lies in understanding the depth of your idea and the overarching vision.


Goal Identification

An opportunity to know your ideas and brainstorm with you. Understanding your business model and your immediate goals.


Scope Definition

Fact findings, Technical Specifications to give direction to your project objective.


Estimated Quote

To execute the implementation of a successful project, producing accurate estimates ensures the understanding of financial resources.


Contract Signature

Agreeing to the terms, contractual duties and obligations serve a good evidentiary value.



Visual design layouts are created to demonstrate the interface elements on the key pages.


Architecture & Development

This phase uplifts your project from Build, Fail, Fix to Design, Build and Deliver.


Content Creation

Storytelling is a purposeful and effective strategy to capture minds to build an emotional connection with your audiences.


Test and Review

An imperative phase to help your business Maximize ROI, Eliminate costly mistakes and get to the market faster.



Before the final product is put out in the real environment, Duple follows deployment procedures for users to have a smooth experience.



At Duple, we just don't build a product. We perform post-deployment tasks based on our user's feedback, maintenance and support.


Architecture & Development

This phase uplifts your project from Build, Fail, Fix to Design, Build and Deliver.

What our clients say about Duple

Over 1200+ Satisfied Clients and Growing

Duple's direction in excellence is drawn from constant motivation from our clients. The team acknowledges the support we get from our worthy professionals.

As a non-technical person, I was hoping to get a product that is easy to use and is simple with relevant content and as expected Duple has done a tremendous job in terms of design and development. Also, they have helped me out with the entire website content and explained it's working so effortlessly. Highly recommend their services.

Manu Bardhwaj

Founder - PTEfor199

As an educator, I had a product in mind which caters to the needs of my staff as well as my students. I approached Duple for an ERP which includes all study materials, test creations, reports. Thankful to the team for delivering me a one-time solution.

Shubham Goyal

Founder - Hello Visa

Be it banners, videos, suggesting creative ideas, Duple has been very engaging. I am glad for their constant support. As a nutritionist, I need to keep my work updated and Duple helps me with creative video ideas and informative yet creative banners.

Navdeep Kaur

Founder - SNS Healthcare Solutions

While we were thinking about building this web portal, our team had several ideas and logical concepts in mind. Their implementation was a big task and we were focusing on how our partners will do the needful. Duple invested time, effort, and most importantly their interest in the successful completion of our project.

Lalitha Ravi

CEO - OutSmart