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Android & iPhone Mobile Application Development Company


The current advancements in the IT Industry center around Technology, Apps and an its further enhancement. Building up a Mobile Application requires immense imagination and a unique workflow style. A creative mindset is essential to produce a useful output which distinguishes ones product from the rest. The drastic evolution in the smart phones has led to an increase in their demand. With competitiveness on the go, Duple IT Solution is one of the leading Mobile Application Development Company which believes in enhancing its imagination for developing apps with the advanced technology. To maintain a strong foundation in the marketplace, Duple IT Solutions constantly works as a innovator in transforming the IT Industry with its dedication and uniqueness in processing the output.

Identifying the integral aspects would demand an in-depth understanding and examination of the project. A clear identification of all the primary goals as well as requirements need to be identified effectively before the commencement of the design process. Duple IT Solutions is leading the game in the production Mobile Apps, Android Apps, IOS Apps, owing to its precise focus on the identification of the significant requirements. We believe in conducting an intense Market Research and Survey which is crucial in forming a unique Mobile App Service.

As a Mobile Application Development Company, Duple IT Solutions also sets its attention on the design of the Mobile Application. The design for Mobile Apps should blend with the features to together form a compatible combination. Incorporating features such as a roadmap, storyboard will further signify the connections between various screens as well as users who act as navigators through the app.

Our Company is also well trusted for delivering IOS Apps, IPad Application Development, Play Store for Android. Our versatility in offering numerous products is a major boon for our growth expansion and enables us to work harder to deliver the best outputs to our valuable clients. The development process of Mobile Apps involves various steps with processes such as setting a basic Framework and CMS to ensure the execution of server for an ease and smoothness in the installation of the application.

The static web page elements are designed during the mockup session with layout creations. Duple IT Solutions renders its expertise in offering a higher ranking of the application through SEO Techniques. An analytical survey is important to make sure and discover what role users are offering in the use of operating these apps, with an entire overview of its feedback through SEO and SMO. Such insights are helpful as offer an analytical in-depth in the Mobile Application Development.

Duple IT Solutions releases its Mobile App after a crucial anticipation of errors and mobile responsiveness. We make sure to place our clients with the most satisfying base for Mobile Application Development in the marketplace.

Major features of our Mobile APP Service:

  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Improved Image Resolution
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Push Notifications
  • User Feedback
  • Updates

Workflow of a Mobile Development Application

  • Creating a Mobile App requires constant research and imagination. The initial stage of a Mobile App revolves around its start from scratch. Imagination is all that is required to build a project which has a strong base structure from the starting. Imagination helps in rectifying all the possible aspects and ideas which are essential to start with the processing of a Mobile Development App.
  • Analyzing crucial Requirements follows up as the second step. Use cases and Requirement needs to be known for the team members to organize a workflow.
  • The next step is the Analysis phase which is crucial to anticipate possible impediments. Analyzing pros and cons of our decisions is essential to continue with the ongoing process.
  • Development Phase comprises as the next step for a Mobile Application Development. This step occupies a major part of the workflow process as it includes drafting codes for the design and whole definition set up till now.
  • The Testing phase is the most significant step because it composes of a deep testing of all the bugs and errors, if any, rectifying them and making the final product error free.
  • The last and the concluding step centers around the final Release or Launch of the product. The delivery of all the functionalities marks the submission of the Mobile App Development Service.

Once the product is out in the market, Duple IT Solutions focuses specially on its constant monitoring and also works for the maintenance and support service for Mobile App.