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Work from home sounds easy for the Best IT Solution Provider Companies. However, communication becomes a big problem though. At home, there is a wider gap in interaction amongst employees. They still struggle hard to learn the remote methods of dealing with each other. Moreover, this comes in with several perks such as flexibility in working hours as well as their location.

The project managers of the Best IT Service Provider Companies aim at boosting the efficiency and productivity of their employees. This article will help all IT Professionals to uncover the best remote working tools for remote teams to encourage work efficiency.


If you are looking for automatic transcription software, then Audext is the best. It makes the work of the remote teams functional. It helps in the conversion of audio to text and allows you to edit any track at your own pace.

Audext also serves the purpose of transferring the voice memos as well as transcribing an interview. A corporate meeting at the Best IT Solution Provider India ? Well, then this tool can help to edit transcripts without any help from human interference.

Audext supports various formats such as Mp3, M4A, MP4, OGG.

There isn’t any need for you to install any software on the computer. This tool offers an extremely convenient dashboard and starts for free.


A Productivity tool that blends the team, irrespective of their location. Trello is a good medium for the Best IT Solution Provider Companies to plan, bond together and brainstorm at various meetings. It is useful for the project managers to conduct their project agendas as well as open meetings using the Trello board. Thus, it makes work easier in tracking and monitoring the weekly progress.

Trello is a great platform to bring the entire team together for creative and shared experiences along with remote activities. The built-in automation thus helps to keep the manpower focused on imperative tasks.

  • ZOOM:

A zoom is an all-in-one tool that allows you to calculate the time taken by employees and work assignments to them. Zoom is packed with features for enhanced security. It helps to ensure that disruptions are free. Zoom allows wireless sharing options to share multiple desktops simultaneously.

Zoom is one of the best mediums for the Best IT Service Provider Companies to incorporate software that fits the best with your needs.

  • SLACK:

Slack is one of the best communication tools which allows the project managers of the Best IT Service Company to create channels for projects and visual teams. The channels allow members to stay updated with current updates altogether.

Ensure that your team keeps the tabs with the latest channels to signal the relevance of other members. Collaboration stays on topic in such a way. Creative briefs, project files can also be pinned.

Slack helps to drag and drop files, instant messages, and much more.


Whereby helps the project managers to conduct the meetings at your browser. It is flexible and allows employees to work on different schedules. Meetings are shared using a single URL and they can therefore be customized to suit your needs.


Operating remotely becomes easier with a team-building package. Crystal is therefore a good tool that focuses on the preferences of all employees by offering a free personality test. Details about each individual are highlighted and how they can work together.

Crystal has tools that offer deep insight into personalities in Linkedin and Google.


Spotify is yet another tool that aids its approach and helps the employees to embrace the need for change. It is highly flexible and operates with ‘My Work Mode’. This is excellent while working remotely. The managers can also get information about the employee location.

  • SPARK:

Spark is an efficient tool to emphasize communication amongst the team members. Its major-key element is its collaborative email experience feature. The teams have to conduct dealings with emails from several contractors and vendors.

This tool is available on iPhone, Ipad, Mac and helps to delegate emails within teams. Spark has special features such as crucial reminders and smart inbox and much more.


Working remotely can be improved with the help of these remote tools. These tools are effective and can help achieve productivity and efficiency. These mediums are also useful for the Best IT Company in India to ensure maximum productivity from all team members.

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