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Artificial Intelligence - What it is and why it matters

Artificial Intelligence is known as the simulation of Artificial Human Intelligence. In other words, Artificial Intelligence refers to the reproduction of human intelligence within machines, highly programmed to imitate humans as well as mimic their actions. Ideally, one of the highlighting features of Artificial Intelligence is its ability and capability to justify and act resulting in the best chance of achieving a specific goal.

Artificial intelligence is strongly based on the principle that human intelligence can be simplified in a manner which is identical in explaining how machines can easily imitate as well as execute tasks, from simple to complex ones. Artificial Intelligence focuses its attention on reasoning, perception and learning as its goals.

With an advancement in the technology sphere, Artificial Intelligence has gained humongous significance.

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Facial Recognition

Use to identify the face and mapping with the already existing database. For example facebook.

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System

Wrong side, Over speed, Red light crossing, Number Plate recognition


Used to create alarm pattern for insecurity.

Object Counting & Crowd Recognition

Use to detect the object & people in the crowded area. For Ex: metal,Recognition

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence serves high importance in the Healthcare Industry. Technologies for quick diagnosis are the need of the hour. AI would contribute its tremendous skills in operating patients, without the use of human manpower and their supervision.

AI is highly beneficial for budding businesses. Robotic Automation saves time as well as effort and concludes tasks much faster with precision. Furthermore, Machine Learning Algorithms offer an improved response for the audiences.

Education will be comforted with the use of Artificial Intelligence. AI can automate grading which would in return help in saving hours and effort. Education, thus, would become more effective and efficient by adopting this technology.

As AI development is increasing its progress space, varied robots autonomous systems are being introduced and replacing human manpower.

Artificial Intelligence for Video Analytics

Facial Recognition

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System


Object Counting & Crowd Recognition

The advanced enhancements in Video Analytics get fueled and boosted by the technology in Artificial Intelligence Techniques such as Machine Learning, which makes it easy for users to analyze surveillance videos similar to human judgment. With the help of latest technologies, it becomes easier to automatically figure out the personalities who are in the respective videos. Identification technologies make it easier to automatically figure out who is in the videos. Drone cameras are highly beneficial because of their ease in accessibility and affordability. These cameras mounted on drones can effectively watch an entire city. Computers replace manpower as the video is examined without any distraction or training.

Video Analytics is composed of much more than just identifying actions. The technology used in Video Analytics also helps in understanding the content matter in the video, most preferably the actions in the video. The activities of people can be judged in the videos through their body language as well as behavior.

Benefits of Video Analytics:

Keeps a close watch:

A computer system is designed to have a look out for infinite cameras. The software is designed to easily detect and analyze the human form to prevent false alarms. High definition videos can be easily recorded during integral incidents.

Provides Remote Monitoring:

With a highly integrated digital video system, monitoring an activity on a surveillance feed across the world is a task at ease. Mobile devices, laptops and tablets are useful to log in to your security system and view access archived footage or live streams.

Decreased Labor Cost:

The use of Video Analytics is beneficial in reducing the need for engaging security personnel. By allowing the computer to perform its tasks, the cost for manpower is reduced because of the computer system monitoring important events.

Object Recognition & Motion Detection:

Video Analytics is composed of numerous functions. Motion Detection is one such useful function of Video Analytics. Motion Detection can function on various levels of sensitivity. Different versions of Video Analytics Network Camera System are capable of Object Recognition. The software is able to distinguish between certain objects such as identifying a single specific object and monitor any change in the object position.

In-Depth Analysis:

One of the most crucial benefits of a Video Analytics Software Camera lies in its reach which is far beyond Human Eyes. The ability of the software is judged by its breaking down of image, pixel by pixel. The minutest details can be captured by the software from the images.

Automated Video Monitoring:

The process of automated video monitoring is performed by the software in the Real-Time. Unlike human manpower, the Video Analytics Software System is always at work and offers a 24*7 service. Exceeding the time and effort of security personnel, the Video Analytics Software Camera is definitely a huge advancement in the Tech-Industry.

Hence, The Video Analytics Software is one of the most useful systems with advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology which offers a new platform for image recognition, rendering support to various agencies which is benefitted through its service.