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Video Analytics

Vehicle Recognition and Counting

Artificial Intelligence - What it is and why it matters

An artificial intelligence is the execution of an intelligence process by Machines. Although, Machine will become capable of doing working human-like tasks. Now, AI exists in terms of Weak & Narrow AI. And The research is being continued to create more friendly and Strong AI(Artificial Intelligence) platform to perform every perspective task hassle-free with their scope and to awake people more and more.

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Facial Recognition

Use to identify the face and mapping with the already existing database. For example facebook.

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System

Wrong side, Over speed, Red light crossing, Number Plate recognition


Used to create alarm pattern for insecurity.

Object Counting & Crowd Recognition

Use to detect the object & people in the crowded area. For Ex: metal,Recognition

Examples Of AI in Daily Life:

  • Trespasser Recognition in Defence: Intelligence using spy-cam to detect trespasser in prohibited area.

  • Virtual Personal Assistant: Almost every mobile company using the intelligent digital personal assistant on various platform, help to find essential information. For example, Siri, google map etc.

  • Video Games: One of the major area is video games that uses digital intelligence . And from last two decade, they exponentially improve their technology to realize the user real-experience.

  • Smart Cars: Recently, Our Scientist invent the smart car based on automation. Google “smart car” & Tesla “autopilot” feature are two example.

  • Fraud Recognition: To catch the spammer like, you got the email after that they ask for your credit card details.

  • Customer Support: Sometime, You have seen that their is quick query option, while browsing a website. But that’s not possible for every site that there is a live person on every site. In many cases, you’re talking to a rudimentary AI.

  • News Generation: Now A.I programs can write news Stories. According to Wired, the AP, Fox, and Yahoo! all use AI to write simple stories like financial summaries, sports recaps, and fantasy sports reports.

Our Sample Analytics

Facial Recognition

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System


Object Counting & Crowd Recognition

Video Analytics as A Security System:

Video analytics software basically used to help review the exponentially increasing hours of surveillance. That a security guard or system manager miss bychance to view. Your video analytics system only useful, As the incident, can actually capture. VA make your system easier, reduces the workload and no need of more management staff and help you capture the full value of surveillance by IP camera, metal Recognition etc.

Benefits of Video Analytics:

When you are working with a large number of cameras it's quite difficult to control and manage the video surveillance. Which requires a lot of manpower.

But video analytics used in-depth and refine algorithm to monitor the video surveillance. Images are examined pixel by pixel. Analytics filters can be smartly modified to meet particular security or business needs. It also gaining popularity in retails segment of market analysis.

Some of the filter that can apply:

  • direction filter with independent adjustment

  • speed filter with upper-lower speed

  • object filter to filter birds, leafs etc.

Video Analytics (VA) Features:

Video analytics surveillance using numerous application in the number of the sector of private, public, government, traffic, retail, healthcare etc. Basically, these applications protect people before the incident. There is the following feature that video analytic can perform:

  • Identify & detect the Object: It basically works on motion & pattern recognition.

  • Intrusion: Used to create alarm pattern for insecurity.

  • Motion Recognition: Government & traffic monitoring sector use to detect the vehicle over speed, wrong side, red light crossing objects with time, day, number plate, direction etc. For Ex: Vehicle

  • Object/Crowd Recognition: Use to detect the object & people in the crowded area. For Ex: metal

  • Facial Recognization: Use to identify the face and mapping with the already existing database. For example facebook.

  • Body Structure: Used to Identify the body structure with database especially in the shopping mall.