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Image Enhancement Tools

Image and Video Enhancement Tools

Our services are delivered to top law enforcement, government agencies globally. Duple IT Solutions centres on evolving global leading solutions for all images as well as video processing needs which are concerned to forensics, public safety, and intelligence. Due to the prominence on the transparency of the techniques used, Duple IT Solutions empowers investigators, detectives, officers to conduct a very first level analysis of the video evidence. We offer Automatic Video Conversion, Photo Analysis, and Tamper Detection in our services. Duple IT Solutions provides a complete forensic software for enhancing and analysing videos through ongoing investigations. It can be defined as a single tool to witness crime scene evidence, enhance the surveillance and intelligence video along with a workflow which is suitable to forensic needs and its limitations. Our image and video enhancement services consist of verifiable reporting of all enhancement activity. Through real time enhancement reporting, all tasks are performed instantly and with high speed. The most integral aspect is preservation of original files and documents. Duple IT Solutions is extremely conscious in analysing the recent requirements in the IT field, and strives hard to perform with the best possible outcomes.

Image and Video Enhancement Tools Creates:

  • New projects

  • Add/remove images/video

  • Convert into frames

  • Apply filters

  • Other Techniques

  • Generate reports

Video Enhancement Tools