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Forensic Image and Video Enhancements Solution


Duple IT Solutions is a Forensic Video Enhancement Software Development Company, rendering its services globally, from top Law Enforcement to the Government Agencies. Duple IT Solutions centres on evolving global leading solutions for all images as well as video enhancement needs which are concerned to forensics, public safety, and intelligence. Due to the prominence of the transparency of the techniques used, Duple IT Solutions empowers investigators, detectives, officers to conduct a very first level analysis of the video evidence. We provide a complete Forensic Video Enhancement Software for forensic enhancing and analysing videos through ongoing investigations. It can be defined as a single tool to witness crime scene evidence, enhance the surveillance and intelligence video along with a workflow which is suitable to forensic needs and its limitations.


Duple IT Solutions is a well known Forensic Image Enhancement Software Provider. As one of the leading Image Enhancement Service Providers, Duple IT Solutions also offers image enhancement services to our clients. Our image and video enhancement services consist of verifiable reporting of all enhancement activity. Through real time enhancement reporting, all tasks are performed instantly and with high speed. We make sure to perform a preliminary analysis, ensuring that our client’s expectations are fulfilled. After this, we can confidently perform enhancement services effectively, thereby entering a full investigation to create demonstrative video exhibits.

Image enhancement, also known as image clarification, refers to a process which improves the visual appearance of an image. Our focus while enhancing images centres around on the same methodology that we apply to video enhancement investigations. The aim of image enhancement is to clarify the image which is using techniques, which are non destructive. It is integral to preserve pixel quality which ultimately betters the clarity of the digital image.FORENSIC Tools.


The nature of each investigation is unique, thereby meaning that no two videos require a similar enhancement process. CCTV video enhancement or Surveillance video enhancement is the most common type of investigation.

Duple IT Solutions comprises the best manpower, offering an Image Enhancement Software for law enforcement dash camera videos, and many more. Here are a few steps to familiarize you with the image and video enhancement.

It is rightly stated that the highest quality version of the evidence is one of the most crucial aspects to the scientific process. This helps in surrendering the highest success rate throughout the investigation.