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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

ERP Software Development Company

erp software services provider

In the developing era of businesses and industries, a business software plays an extremely integral part in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the business. Conducting your business online is now considered to be a new norm. An Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a best way for businesses to have a record of centralised data and the professional services it provides for their growth.


An Enterprise Resource Planning Software is specifically planned as well as designed for retailers, distributors and professional services firms according to their desires and requirements. An ERP System is beneficial in saving time, effort, reduces asset costs and financial cycles, expands customer satisfaction, and helps in integrating information across the enterprise supply chain globally.

An ERP System uses a relational database technology which collaborates the various organs of the enterprises information system, integrating all business processes and sub-processes connected and unified into a single system. The system is designed to focus on four main areas in an organisation, that is Financial, Marketing, Human Resources and Supply Chain Management.

Business Organisations, irrespective of their size, business objectives and area of operations, require a Software to manage their workload. The adoption of a Business ERP Software not only economizes but also uplifts the efficiency of an average existing work process. ERP systems seem likely to be the strength of centrally coordinating and controlling many aspects of corporate planning. Furthermore, ERP systems can be seen as a far-reaching technological promise and the ultimate manifestation.

In addition, ERP systems offer informational benefits to the business management as well. It helps an organization to achieve improved resource management, such as

  • In workforce management, it improves manpower allocation,
  • In inventory management, there is improved inventory turn and stock allocation,
  • In production management, there is optimized supply chain and production schedules,

Increase in market responsiveness is yet another boon for businesses, improving the decision-making process, offering better profit and control on the cost as well as flexible customer services.


erp software services provider We strongly believe in the expansion and growth of our customers' businesses and their goodwill. Duple IT Solutions has developed an ERP System, which acts as a facilitator of business processes and supports management decision-making. Small and medium sized business enterprises can greatly benefit from a software tool. A centralised unit of data along with a systematic conduct of plans and resources is a new trend for businesses to grow online in this modernised era of technology.

We, at Duple IT Solutions have developed a full ERP system, which is not only a business process of electronic procedures but it is also with the scientific management idea. Our ERP System is an advanced software tool, which can always think of integrating the organization's internal control throughout the entire business cycle, with a set of pre-designed and improved cover plans, prices, supply, production, sales, and inventory management.



An ERP System definitely calls for a larger investment fortune, unifying your IT Costs and efficiency. Instead of spending your resources on different aspects of a business such as infrastructure, support teams, focus your attention into one single ERP System. An ERP System also reduces your training requirements for end-users.


An ERP System enables a better insight as a major advantage to business. There is a unified platform to conduct your course of planning along with a unified reporting for every process. By incorporating a single source, an ERP System can easily generate analysis and useful reports every time. This software is highly reliable in offering you with the ability to analyse and compare functions across numerous departments, without the workload of handling multiple spreadsheets and emails.


One of the major advantages of using an Enterprise Resource Planning Software, lies in the fact that it can be easily modified according to your own convenience and needs. Duple IT Solutions offers several applications which can be represented according to several business needs. Your company can easily choose the best fits and leave out those which are not required. Another important part of customization involves how the software is implemented. The two main deployments call for an On Premise System and A Cloud Based System.


Reducing all the IT and Training costs, an ERP System is also beneficial in saving your time and effort to the fullest. An ERP software can greatly lessen and omit duplicated manual processes, hence enabling the manpower to focus on revenue-affecting objectives as well as priority tasks. An ERP Software uplifts and enforces industries best-practice processes, linking all actions across the enterprise.


Like all other integral aspects are closely tied in a centralized unit within an ERP System, your client information can also be easily centralised and streamlined, making it easy for your sales team to build and maintain customer relationships, instead of managing large spreadsheets and emails. Customer retention is equally significant in counting a business's assets. An ERP System offers better customer interaction from targeted marketing.


A system in the right place that can efficiently accommodate your company’s growth is highly crucial, and the right ERP system makes it easy and good going. A right Vendor is also extremely essential for the growth of your business. Duple IT Solutions develop and implement systems with the best techniques and teamwork. To ensure an ongoing success and scalability of your business, you have to keep an eye on the future, and an ERP Software helps you achieve the targeted goals.


One of the biggest advantages of an ERP system is its Data Security. After all, at the heart of the ERP software concept is its centralised data platform. Data is shared across various departments such as customer service, marketing and business development, sales enhances collaboration throughout an organisation. A major concern lies in privilege as to who can view all the information and comprises with the data access. ERP solutions are developed with intrinsic controls to ensure the security of your data. Both on-premise and cloud-based ERP systems provide the businesses with a higher degree of security. The database system the ERP runs off of also enables centralized backups to your critical and sensitive data.


Total Visibility is one of the best selling advantages of an ERP System. The data is easily accessible to all the members of the organisation, including future projects which are yet to be received along with inventory which is currently in transit. By acknowledging your stand regarding inventory levels, one can easily control the working capital on a more precise level. The availability of all of your company’s information on a centralized platform allows for an expanded collaboration, streamlined completion of tasks. A clear vision of information provides more coherent workflows and enables the essential inter-departmental processes to be easily tracked with maximum efficiency.