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College ERP

College ERP

College ERP

ERP Software is a systematic process to manage all the activities of college on a centralised platform. The management for Employees, Staff, Students with their daily record as well as other major details through an ERP College Software can be instrumental for smooth functioning. Duple IT Solutions has developed an ERP Software which offers an one-point access to administer a wide range of undertakings effectively and efficiently.

An ERP Software is worthwhile in directing educational institutions. Duple IT Solutions has conveniently developed such ERP college Management Module, which is user friendly and advantageous.

Our ERP College Software contains extreme storage capacity which provides fast access to database, search queries and is definitely less liable to errors. With diverse pre-configured modules, productive and structured management of daily activities, student registration, student admissions, setting of syllabus, time-table is easily worked upon.

Introducing a highly integrated module structure, our team has developed a unique college ERP College Software offering user defined password scheme which proposes the college institution to customize its security features according to their desire. In addition, one can easily prompt integral reports at convenience owing to its ease in operation and intuitive interface.

Our ERP software is a unified solution for several departments functioning within any organization comprising of students, employees, faculty, library, campus, fee, hostel, transportation, attendance management, and several automated solutions.

The software solution is productive for the colleges to promote the output of all the fellow departments as well as overall operations.