Artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

What does the word “Intelligence” mean to you? Let us go by the most generic meaning, Intelligence is our ability to apply reasoning, logic, sense, and understanding to a particular situation. As far as artificial intelligence is considered, it is of course brought to life by human intelligence but in a way that is incredible. When we think about robots, automation, chatbots, it sounds too new, fresh, and overwhelming. Something more fast, effective, and useful than human beings, of course, AI is truly an emerging technology. All thanks to AI specialists and experts who thought about automating the maximum activities human beings do. From lessening our burden to saving our time and effort, these advancements are surely a boon for all. I feel no surprise in even thinking about a few years down the line when some robot would be writing the articles on my behalf. Funny right, but with the kind of attention AI is building for itself I am sure even writing such articles wouldn’t be tough for our machine fellas.

Well, getting back to understanding Artificial Intelligence technically, it can be defined as a science that allows automation through machines to accomplish human activities. With Deep Algorithms and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence takes shape. These algorithms, logic, and concepts are formed keeping in mind how the working of these machines must be. The idea is simple. It is to transform the walk of life by integrating information, analyzing data, and using the resulting insights to improve decision-making.

AI is everywhere. Its applicability can be felt across various sectors which include finance, national security, health care, criminal justice. There are more sectors of course on which AI is already making an impact by augmenting human capabilities in significant ways. Siri is just the beginning, driverless trucks and cars might wow us in near future.

Looking forward to the good impact of AI, it is surely going to unlock new business opportunities along with productivity leading to advanced economic growth.

Applicability: Schools, colleges, banks, financial institutions, small, medium scale and Large MNC can take advantage of the benefits of AI. AI is flexible and rules the small screen. If you are using a mobile device, you are indirectly using its benefit.

Speed: Machines are faster, rapid and quick. Like us, they do not need any coffee breaks and thus they can function 24*7 without any complaint. With high energy and no rest mode, machines are definitely worth reducing manpower workload, time and effort.

Fraud Detection: With a higher level of accuracy and ability to detect human errors, AI reduces any errors and frauds which results in smooth completion of tasks.

Avoids work overlap: To obtain the most productive results, machines can think much faster than human beings and multitask.

Less human error: Any faults, errors that are not detectable by the human eye can be rectified using machines.

Now that arises this question in mind, if AI is able to do what human beings can, then what will humans do?

Will AI supplant Human Intelligence?

Going to the discussion between who is better, the new AI progressions fairly mirror what human knowledge is prepared to do. Notwithstanding, the truth of the matter is that no machine can coordinate with how the human mind functions. What makes people stand apart is their capacity to apply rationale, sense, information, and reason. Machines, on the other, do not have their shot at settling on normal and passionate choices. They are dumbfounded in the comprehension of the circumstances and logical results in any circumstance. For instance, when we attempt to speak with Siri, it will just guide us with a coherent clarification, without a passionate association. This is on the grounds that machines are prepared to utilize consistent calculations. With benefits come a few shortcomings as well. There have been sure disappointments that bring up the issue of whether AI can be the following enormous thing?

  1. An AI-driven instrument became partial on skin shading tones
  2. Uber self-driving independent vehicle killed a person, under PC control
  3. A supercomputer suggested inaccurate therapies for cancer

When we talk about these fall shorts, it is obvious to think whether it is even safe allowing clever machines to take up the part of individuals? Remembering these worries, AI experts are executing ways by building calculations to further develop AI capacities to keep away from such dangers. This implementation for AI machines will actually allow their adaption and existence together to human morals and efficiencies.

With all things having their pros and cons walking with it, AI is not unusual. Automation’s are good and helping but aren’t that going to make us a lot lazier? Just imagine if a glass of water is reaching you through ‘Jazzy’, your new robot? That sounds unreal now but who knows what the future really holds for tech. What actually is alarming and yes a bit of concern is the rising benefit of machines, which is OK but do you smell any sign of unemployment? Well, I do, a little. This question will arise if not now that whether AI will replace Human Intelligence or not. Although, the creators behind this incredible launch is us, human beings only but when we create our machine fellas with the same abilities as us, what new do we as intelligent living beings hold?


Siri is only the start. Driverless vehicles and trucks are what the future may resemble. There is absolutely no uncertainty fair and square of insight individuals have. What makes a difference is the means by which their insight will reflect in the working of AI machines. Passing by what the present has to bring to the table, language handling, picture and video preparing, AI headway, all are progressing expansion. Being in the improvement stage, people need to oversee AI applications considering the human guidelines and well-being measures.

At the point when AI machines will be the place of center in not so distant future, it will lessen the requirement for people to work. This brings up the issue of joblessness. Errand and parts of tedious nature, burning through a huge measure of information will be assigned to machines. They won’t need any human intervention. Since joblessness is a significant worry in any country, it harms the economy. Nonetheless, that is exactly what we expect. Who can say for sure what’s coming up? Right. But all we can do is just assume and be tech-ready.

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